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Monday, July 20, 2009

CD ROM + lesson plan = an interesting lesson..:-)

Usually when we heard about “science” our mind will straightaway think of the universe, the planets, and all the living things around us. Back in IPIK, we were fed with contents of science concept ranged from biology, moving on to chemistry, then ended with physics. In my mind, I will learn the same things as what I have learned in the teacher-trainee college. But I was wrong. This time learning science was more fun, interesting, and challenging as we need to use the technology and our ICT skills together with what we have learned. In my second class, we were asked to design a one hour lesson plan but.....adding the use of the CD ROM in it. My group selected a year 5 CD ROM. The integration of the teaching aid such as CD ROM should be easy. But the difficult part came when we need to use our critical thinking and creativity to think when was the suitable time to insert the part from the cd into our lesson. Besides that, we must stated in the lesson plan where want to include the viewing of the CD ROM. It was not as easy as a piece cake as I thought. The discussions among my group members however helped me to clarify some doubts that were running in my mind. Thank God! Furthermore, we were still crawling as to how correct science lessons plan. Some said it was the same as the previous lesson plan that we did, but my group strongly believed that science lesson plan using the stages which was proposed by Needham (his 5 stages of constructivism). Well, we still search about it till now. But one thing that I learned from this week was the use of ICT such as CD ROM could make a difference to the teaching and learning process in a way that it could create the sense of enjoyment and add a variation to the classroom atmosphere!