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Monday, August 3, 2009

What a fun experience being a ‘child’ in micro teaching..:-)

Last week I acted as a student during my other classmates were doing their micro teaching. It was very fun you know. We were enjoying ourselves during the whole science period. We were clapping, giving irrelevant and creative answers to the teachers during the teaching and learning process. What was more fun that acting like a 10 year old child in a science class, right? Three micro teaching were being carried out last week. Based from the three groups, I could see how they manipulate the use of technology to aid the teaching and learning process more interesting and motivating for the children. The use of technology can be a helpful tool for the teacher to arouse the children interest as they won’t feel bored and enjoy the lesson without them realizing it. As for my group, we hope that what we are doing now is on the right track. Huhu. Hopefully. I am still learning how to incorporate the use of technology to make my science lesson more meaningful and purposeful in the future.