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Monday, July 13, 2009

Out of Blue....

I got lost in my first science class. Expected to be a “normal” science class but it was a “blogging” science class. Before this, I never have a blog and have no idea what blogging is. But during the introduction in this class, I was shocked knowing that I have to create a blog. “Oh my God”. I didn’t know what to do at that time. But luckily my friends helped to create one. With no information about blogging, I learned step-by-step about blogging. At first, I found that it was difficult but after that, I found that it is enjoying. A source of sharing information, that is what I portrayed this community sharing device. With guidance from my lecturer, Mr Fauzi, and also my friends, I started to think if I know about blogging formerly, it will be easier for me to do the task. But… “Never mind”… said one of my friend. “We’ll do it together and slowly”. Having this kind of friend is like getting a “diamond” where they are really priceless to me. Suits with what our lecturer taught us on that day, which was cooperation and sharing, I think that, for a student, it is a need to help each other by sharing what they know. By doing that, everything can be done shortly and meaningfully.
Another thing that is interesting in this semester, not only science subject, is the e-learning. Everything involves the use of internet either via email or blogging. Posting our work in the blog will somehow being motivating. For me myself, I will be very careful in producing my work. I know that grade is not everything and what is more important here is, I want to ‘absorb’ as much as possible the knowledge, science and also ICT skills. I want to be a “resourceful” person which suits with my profession. May God help me.