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Monday, August 24, 2009

Courseware evaluation. Useful! ;-)

Hye there..

Last week, before the semester break we were asked by our lecturer to do another presentation. The presentation should be about how to evaluate a courseware. As for my group, we did about free e-learning software, which is Sheppard Software. From this task, we by now have at least an idea how to look for materials to be used in the teaching and learning process, but also to choose the most suitable and reliable source available. We came up with a checklist that help us to be specific in what were the aspects that needed to look for when evaluating a courseware. It was very useful!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Backup plans + knowledge on ICT = a good lesson! :-)

Hi there..
Here we meet again . Hehe. I am so relieved now because my group has completed the simulated teaching last week! Me and the other group members were so glad that it was over. However, I noticed that there was weakness in the presentation. There was technical problem whereby we cannot switch on the LCD although we had connected the wire into its place. We were so panicked as there was a PowerPoint presentation to be used in the lesson. And we did not have a backup plan. Oh my God! I thought all of us were going to be dead meat. Huhu. It took quite a long time to fix that situation. Luckily our lecturer, Mr. Ahmad Fauzi helped us. It happened to be that we forgot to press one button on the wall to switch it on. The students on the other hand were making noise and were restless. I think what we can improve our micro teaching in the future is by always have backup plans, just in case the technology that we wanted to use in the lesson can’t work properly, as what has happened to my group. Besides that, we know that we must prepare ourselves to tackle the students so that they are in control in the classroom. I learned a lot from this and hope that I could do better in the future..:-)

Monday, August 3, 2009

What a fun experience being a ‘child’ in micro teaching..:-)

Last week I acted as a student during my other classmates were doing their micro teaching. It was very fun you know. We were enjoying ourselves during the whole science period. We were clapping, giving irrelevant and creative answers to the teachers during the teaching and learning process. What was more fun that acting like a 10 year old child in a science class, right? Three micro teaching were being carried out last week. Based from the three groups, I could see how they manipulate the use of technology to aid the teaching and learning process more interesting and motivating for the children. The use of technology can be a helpful tool for the teacher to arouse the children interest as they won’t feel bored and enjoy the lesson without them realizing it. As for my group, we hope that what we are doing now is on the right track. Huhu. Hopefully. I am still learning how to incorporate the use of technology to make my science lesson more meaningful and purposeful in the future.

Monday, July 20, 2009

CD ROM + lesson plan = an interesting lesson..:-)

Usually when we heard about “science” our mind will straightaway think of the universe, the planets, and all the living things around us. Back in IPIK, we were fed with contents of science concept ranged from biology, moving on to chemistry, then ended with physics. In my mind, I will learn the same things as what I have learned in the teacher-trainee college. But I was wrong. This time learning science was more fun, interesting, and challenging as we need to use the technology and our ICT skills together with what we have learned. In my second class, we were asked to design a one hour lesson plan but.....adding the use of the CD ROM in it. My group selected a year 5 CD ROM. The integration of the teaching aid such as CD ROM should be easy. But the difficult part came when we need to use our critical thinking and creativity to think when was the suitable time to insert the part from the cd into our lesson. Besides that, we must stated in the lesson plan where want to include the viewing of the CD ROM. It was not as easy as a piece cake as I thought. The discussions among my group members however helped me to clarify some doubts that were running in my mind. Thank God! Furthermore, we were still crawling as to how correct science lessons plan. Some said it was the same as the previous lesson plan that we did, but my group strongly believed that science lesson plan using the stages which was proposed by Needham (his 5 stages of constructivism). Well, we still search about it till now. But one thing that I learned from this week was the use of ICT such as CD ROM could make a difference to the teaching and learning process in a way that it could create the sense of enjoyment and add a variation to the classroom atmosphere!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Out of Blue....

I got lost in my first science class. Expected to be a “normal” science class but it was a “blogging” science class. Before this, I never have a blog and have no idea what blogging is. But during the introduction in this class, I was shocked knowing that I have to create a blog. “Oh my God”. I didn’t know what to do at that time. But luckily my friends helped to create one. With no information about blogging, I learned step-by-step about blogging. At first, I found that it was difficult but after that, I found that it is enjoying. A source of sharing information, that is what I portrayed this community sharing device. With guidance from my lecturer, Mr Fauzi, and also my friends, I started to think if I know about blogging formerly, it will be easier for me to do the task. But… “Never mind”… said one of my friend. “We’ll do it together and slowly”. Having this kind of friend is like getting a “diamond” where they are really priceless to me. Suits with what our lecturer taught us on that day, which was cooperation and sharing, I think that, for a student, it is a need to help each other by sharing what they know. By doing that, everything can be done shortly and meaningfully.
Another thing that is interesting in this semester, not only science subject, is the e-learning. Everything involves the use of internet either via email or blogging. Posting our work in the blog will somehow being motivating. For me myself, I will be very careful in producing my work. I know that grade is not everything and what is more important here is, I want to ‘absorb’ as much as possible the knowledge, science and also ICT skills. I want to be a “resourceful” person which suits with my profession. May God help me.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A nEw dAy...

a new semester...
a new place...

and hope to see the evolution of a new me...
without losing my identity...
yesterday...was a disaster for me....phew!
the first lec...huhu....
was wondering do i have the strength and enough endurance to cope up with....everything..??