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Monday, August 10, 2009

Backup plans + knowledge on ICT = a good lesson! :-)

Hi there..
Here we meet again . Hehe. I am so relieved now because my group has completed the simulated teaching last week! Me and the other group members were so glad that it was over. However, I noticed that there was weakness in the presentation. There was technical problem whereby we cannot switch on the LCD although we had connected the wire into its place. We were so panicked as there was a PowerPoint presentation to be used in the lesson. And we did not have a backup plan. Oh my God! I thought all of us were going to be dead meat. Huhu. It took quite a long time to fix that situation. Luckily our lecturer, Mr. Ahmad Fauzi helped us. It happened to be that we forgot to press one button on the wall to switch it on. The students on the other hand were making noise and were restless. I think what we can improve our micro teaching in the future is by always have backup plans, just in case the technology that we wanted to use in the lesson can’t work properly, as what has happened to my group. Besides that, we know that we must prepare ourselves to tackle the students so that they are in control in the classroom. I learned a lot from this and hope that I could do better in the future..:-)